Ephesians 6:10-18


Ephesians 6:17b, Matthew 4:1-11



(This introduction assumes that you are preaching a series on the

Christian's armor.)

We have been warning you against the schemes, the wiles, the methods of the

devil. We have been telling you about the "armor" which God has provided

for us to wear and/or use.

We have seen the belt of truth, which is knowing and obeying God's Word.

We have seen the breastplate of righteousness, which is recognizing our

association, which Christ in His death burial and resurrection. It is

allowing Christ to live His life through us.

We have seen the boots of the readiness of the Gospel peace. We are to stand

in peace as we focus on Christ, are filled with the Spirit and fellowship

with God in prayer.

We have seen the shield of faith, which allows us to quench all the fiery

darts of the wicked.


We have seen the helmet of salvation that reminds us of our victory over the

penalty, power and presence of sin.


And today we see the sword of the Spirit, which when properly used allows us

to resist temptation.

Ephesians 6:17 - "And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the

Spirit, which is the word of God:"


The Roman Soldier's armor included a sword that was used in hand to hand


The Sword of the Spirit is that which is used to ward off temptation from


The Word of God is that sword. The word "word" in this passage would refer

to a specific saying. Thus, when we use the word of God in fighting

temptation, we are using specific sayings from God. We are confronting Satan

with Scripture.

As Christians we need to learn to use our swords. There is no better teacher

than the Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 4:1-11 shows how He defeated temptation

from Satan.



When Jesus was tempted it was after a time of great success. Matthew 3:13-17

Satan will also try to tempt the Christian after times of success.

The key to Jesus' victory is that the Holy Spirit was guiding him.

We all will face temptation, but the least amount of temptation will be

faced when the Spirit is in control of our lives.



Eve was tempted by Satan in three basic areas (Genesis 3:6).

The Christian is tempted by Satan in three basic areas (1John 2:16)

Jesus showed that he was qualified to be our Savior because He was tempted

and had victory in the same three areas of temptation.


Lust Of The Flesh Vss. 2-3

Jesus was hungry.

Satan wanted Jesus to make bread.

That would have been wrong for Jesus to do, because He would have disobeyed

God's plan for His life, and He would have listened to Satan.

When we allow our desires to get out of hand they become lusts. When we

satisfy our lusts we do not fulfill God's plan for our lives and we listen

to Satan.


Pride Of Life Vss. 5-6

If Jesus had listened to Satan, He would have tempted God to take care of

Him while Jesus was doing something unwise.


How do Christians tempt God?

Here are a few examples:

They do dangerous things that are not at all safe, but expect God to protect


They are supposed to take medicine but don't and expect God to keep them


They foolishly spend money they don't have, and then expect God to pay their


This is all pride, expecting our priorities to be more important than God's

plan for our lives, and expecting God to care for us anyway.


Lust Of The Eyes Vss. 8-9

Jesus was invited to receive "a kingdom without a cross" if he bowed to


He would have satisfied the lust of the eyes.

Our eyes see many things. Many things our eyes see are things we shouldn't

have. When we give in to lusts of our eyes, we do what we can to obtain what

the eyes see. Or we fantasize through our eyes things which are wrong.


Many a man or woman has committed adultery with their eyes.

Many a man or woman has killed with their eyes.

Many a man or woman has stolen with their eyes.

Those who wouldn't steal, lie, commit adultery, or murder watch all sorts of

television shows and movies, which promote stealing, lying, adultery and





There Is One Word To Obey - Vs. 4

Jesus pointed out that man is to live by every word that comes from God's



There Is One Way To Follow - Vs. 7

We are not to tempt God, but obey Him.


There Is One Person To Worship Vss. 10-11

When God is worshiped we will not bow down to Satan or anyone else.


Jesus quoted Scripture in order to have victory over temptation.

We should do the same.