LUKE 24:13-35


Life of Christ #58


Last week in our study of the Life of Christ we saw the events that took place at the tomb on Easter Sunday Morning.  This week we see Jesus “On the Road” as he ministers to hurting, confused, and disillusioned disciples.


As we watch Jesus minister to these disciples, we will be reminded of what Jesus does for us in our times of trouble.


JESUS LISTENS – Vss. 13-24


Vss. 13-14 – The events of the last few days were discussed by Cleopas and his companion.  You can imagine that it was about all they could talk about. These were troubling events, and often when we are troubled, we will talk about those things which are on our minds.


Vs. 15 – Jesus came up to them and walked with them. 


He probably appeared to be another pilgrim on his way home from the Passover feast in Jerusalem.


Vs. 16 – They were supernaturally prevented from knowing who Jesus was. Mark 16:12


We need to remember that Jesus is with us no matter where we go.  His Spirit has taken up residence inside of us. He is with us no matter what. Matthew 28:20  


Vs. 17 – Jesus asked them, “What are you talking about that you are so sad about?” 


Did Jesus know the answer to His question before He asked it? Of course he did!


Why then did He ask it?  He wanted them to talk to Him. He was the one with the answer to their sorrow. 


You have been told since you were little that you can talk to God and/or Jesus whenever you have a need.  In fact, the Bible often tells us to pour our hearts out to God. 1 Peter 5:6-7, Hebrews 4:14-16


Vs. 18 – Cleopas is incredulous! He is amazed that even a stranger in Jerusalem hadn’t heard of what had gone on in Jerusalem over the last few days.


Vs. 19 – Jesus is drawing the two disciples out.  He wants them to talk, to explain what is troubling him.


We need to realize that Jesus wants us to talk because He will listen as we pour out our hearts to Him.


They begin by saying that the things concerned Jesus of Nazareth. He calls Jesus a prophet “mighty in deed and word before God and all the people.”  Indeed Jesus was mighty in word and deed!


Vs. 20 – These disciples blame the chief priests and rulers of the people for the death of Jesus. 


Weren’t Pilate and therefore the Roman government responsible too? 


Yes they were. 


But responsibility for the death of Jesus began with the chief priests and rulers who had Jesus betrayed, arrested, tried, and carted off to Pilate to be  condemned and crucified, because they did not have the authority to put anyone to death.


Allow me to remind you that it was not just these people who put Jesus to death.  It was you and I who also put Jesus on the cross.  He went because of our sins! Romans 5:8


Vs. 21 – Here Cleopas expresses disillusionment.  They had thought that Jesus was Israel’s redeemer. They had believed that He was the Messiah, the Anointed One of God.  They expected Him to redeem Israel.


They were expecting Jesus to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and to overthrow the Roman bondage they were under.


All the hopes of the followers of Jesus were dashed. They were a defeated group!


Vss. 21-24 – There was another problem.  It was the third day. The body was missing. Some of the believing women had seen angles that proclaimed that Jesus was alive.  The tomb was checked by the men and found to be empty indeed.  But they had not seen Jesus.


Cleopas was speaking. Jesus listened. Jesus allowed the man to talk and get it all out, frustration and all.


Whenever you are frustrated and defeated like Cleopas, do what Cleopas did. Pour out that frustration before the Lord.

He will hear, and He will answer.


JESUS LISTENS – Vss. 13-24

JESUS REBUKES – Vss. 25-26


Vs. 25 – There are times in our lives when we need a good, strong rebuke!  Nothing but a strong reprimand will do to get us straightened out!


Jesus tells them that they are foolish and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets had spoken. They had believed some of it, but not all of it!


When we do not believe the word of God in the heart we are foolish! When we do not believe all that God has said we are foolish!


Jesus is rebuking their unbelief!

How often Jesus had to rebuke the unbelief of the disciples!

How often the prophets had to rebuke Israel for her unbelief!

How often as we read the Word of God and hear sermons and Sunday School lessons are we rebuked for our own unbelief!


All too often, we are selective believers.

We do not believe the whole Bible, just the parts we like!


Matthew 7:21 - Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.


Make sure that you believe all that the prophets have spoken.  Allow Jesus to rebuke you through His Word and through his pastors and teachers.


Vs. 26 – Jesus is clearly teaching that the Old Testament taught that the Messiah would suffer and enter into His glory.  I think of a classic example of this in Isaiah 53:10-12   




Vs. 27 – I’ve heard some pretty good sermons in my time

I’ve sat in on some excellent Bible studies.

But this message was one that I wish I had heard in person.

Jesus went through the Old Testament Scriptures, simply explaining how they point to Himself.


It is a good possibility that Jesus started with the Book of Genesis. Genesis 3:15, 22:8 


I imagine that Jesus talked about the Passover Lamb, and how the sacrifices that God required of the Jews were pictures of His own sacrifice for sin.


Surely Jesus explained Psalm 22 and pointed to His words on the cross that were a fulfillment of that prophecy. Psalm 22:1


There are many references to Christ in the prophets besides Isaiah 53. Here are a couple more:

Isaiah 52:13-15, Zechariah. 12:10


Jesus took the time to instruct these men thoroughly in the Word of God concerning Himself.


There is no Bible teacher or preacher in the world like the Lord Jesus.  However God has given to the church gifted men who are able to teach and preach God’s Word. Ephesians 4:11-12


I am one of those who has been gifted and called to preach and teach.  It is an awesome responsibility. 2 Timothy 4:2, James 3:1


God has sent you preachers and teachers of the Word. It is your responsibility to listen and obey what God’s Word says! Hebrews 13:17


JESUS APPEARS – Vss. 28-35


Vs. 28-29 – Bible Class was over.  They had arrived in Emmaus.  Jesus as if he acted to go further, but they compelled him to stay and eat with them. This was traditional hospitality.


Vss. 30-31 – Jesus appeared to them as they ate. He then vanished.


Notice that Jesus had made himself known through the Word, and then they saw Him clearly.


Vs. 32 – Notice the effect God’s word has when we are receptive to it! It burns within us.

It burns with conviction.

It burns with comfort.

It burns with commitment.

It burns with joy.


And you will see Jesus clearly the more you read, listen to, and apply God’s Word to your life. He will appear to you!


Vss. 33-35 – Immediately, they returned to Jerusalem to report that Jesus had risen indeed.

They went back to share what they had seen and heard!


And you my friend can not share what you have not seen.

For you to share your faith, you must have faith.

For you to share the Scriptures with those who need it, you need to see Jesus in the Scriptures.



JESUS LISTENS – Vss. 13-24

JESUS REBUKES – Vss. 25-26


JESUS APPEARS – Vss. 28-35