LESSON #10 of 10 – PAUL




V     What are some things you wish or hope for in the lives of your children or grandchildren 18 and under?

V     What are some things you wish or hope for in your adult children?

V     What are some things you hope for your Christian friends?

V     Are our wishes for others always spiritual? Why or why not?

V     What qualities made Paul a great pastor?


We continue to see the heart of Paul tonight as we examine the third and fourth prayers that Paul prayed for the churches he pastored.  These are also prayers we can pray for our church and for our Christian friends.


1. PRAY FOR PERCEPTION - Ephesians 1:15-23


2. PRAY FOR POWER - Ephesians 3:14-21



3. PRAY FOR PERFORMANCE - Philippians 1:3-11


·       According to verses 3-7 thanksgiving is a key ingredient in praying for others.  What are some of the things Paul was thankful for?

·       According to verse 8, what must we do to imitate Paul?


I see this prayer as a prayer for action!

·       How is Christianity a proactive religion?

·       Why do Christians often act like Christianity isn’t proactive?


1. Abounding in love - Vs. 9

·       What are some of the ways that Christians could love other Christians better?

·       What hinders us from loving other Christians better?

·       Why is love for God and other Christians something we should desire for others as we pray?

·       How does knowing God help us love others better?

·       How does knowing others’ character and needs help us to love others better?

·       How does discernment or judgment help us love others?


2. Abounding in choice and Godly living - Vs. 10

·       What’s the difference between “good” and “excellent”?

·       Why should we not settle for the good or want our brothers and sisters in Christ not to settle for that which is good?

·       When pottery was made in Bible times it often developed cracks.  Some dealers would plug the cracks with hard wax.  The plugged cracks were often undetectable except when exposed to sunlight.  Reputable dealers would advertise their pottery as “sine cera” or without wax.

·       There should be no impurities in our lives.  There should be no hidden agendas or sins that are dishonoring to the Lord.

·       How can a Christian be an offense to other Christians?

·       How can a Christian be an offense to unbelievers?


3. Abounding in fruitfulness - Vs. 11

·       In what ways should Christians be fruitful?

·       According to this verse what is the only way that we can hope to be fruitful?

·       What happens when we are truly fruitful?


4. PRAY FOR PERSEVERANCE - Colossians 1:9-14

The Christian life is not a sprint but a marathon. We need to pray that other Christians "hang in there".


1. Knowing His will - Vs. 9

·       Why is it important to know God’s will?

·       Why do we often not consider what God’s will is?

·       How do we go about knowing God’s will?

·       Why are wisdom and spiritual understanding keys to knowing Gods will?


2. Walking worthily - Vs. 10a

·       What’s the difference between being worthy and walking worthily?

·       What are some things we will do when we walk worthily of Christ?

·       How do we know when we are walking worthily?


3. Being fruitful - Vs. 10b


4. Knowing God - Vs. 10c

·       Why do we all need to know God better?

·       How should we go about knowing God better?


5. Enduring with:

a.     patience – Vs. 11

·       Why do Christians need patience during trying situations?


b.     longsuffering – Vs. 11

·       Why are we sometimes patient with situations and impatient with people?

·       Why do others deserve us to be longsuffering?


c.     joyfulness – Vs. 11

·       How does joyfulness in hard times distinguish us as Christians?


d.     thanksgiving  - Vss. 12-14

·       How does being thankful help us to endure?

·       What is the bottom line key to endurance according to verse 11?